Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011

The Secret Life of The American Teen Season 4 Episode 5

The Secret Life of The American Teen Season 4 Episode 5 Yeah, so it turns out the Secret Life of American Adolescents kids are not as smart as we think they are. Well, except for Ricky (IKR!?). The Secret Life of The American Teen. Next year the Secret Life, some of our fave baby maker will spend the summer in edumacation brushing them. We do not know who is going to summer school for sure, but the candidate of Madison, Lauren, and Amy, who go into a huge fight about their friendship when they were.

Oh, and someone told Amy to shut up. Hopefully it's not Ricky, but if he will insist on doing terrible impressions baby John, who can blame him?

Watch a sneak peek of the next episode here! Spoilers for the ABC Family show more Updated on July 8. 4-5 "Hole in the Wall" July 11 Adrian emptying out the baby's room. When Ben learned he was awarded the beloved bear, Ben, and Adrian had a big argument that led to Adrian. . . well, read the episode title. Ben will go into harm's way?

Amy was angry that Adrian called Ricky. Does it mean anything? Grace and Daniel (Sinqua Walls) ends up in bed. When Jack walked in on them kissing, she admits she was not on it Grace. Is Grace still has feelings for Jack? Is Nora (Anne Ramsay) works as an assistant to Leo?
Guest stars including Alice Hirson as Mimsy; Beverley Mitchell as Katelyn; Allen Evangelista as Henry, and Amy Rider as Alice.

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