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EL TRIUNFO DEL AMOR CAPITULO 166 PARTE 1 Online Telenovela capitulos 166 Avance Cap 166 Triunfo Del AMor Ver Triunfo Del Amor Telenovelas Miguel Pizarro, who enjoyed success in soap opera,Triumph of Love, will raise the curtain back to town, home to pursue their dreams and find new talent.


With a new look, a mustache on the "Dali" and created the beard "Pippin", his character in the telenovela Triumph of Love, Miguel Pizarro received this media in its School of Performing Arts while the player commander.

actor is preparing for a new summer workshop and loyal buffoons they are ready to take to the streets and promote these courses to bring back to Pizarro Televisa but far from the corridors of a great passion: theater. And confirm the greatest dream, to turn their homeland into a city lover of the genre and change the former home of his grandparents in a house somewhere assembly quality.

"I have a plan to live in Cordoba. I keep a finger on the line at the bottom of this dream. The project is very large. Investors only in this case is me then I have to stretch the peso '3 'and that brings me to the stage where I have supervise the work, shopping for construction equipment ...".

You're the expert ... (Laughs) Well we have and I love it. I do not suffer. The only thing I have to suffer to pay a lot in a little space and time then there is the corner where you need to check that your. Sometimes I'm in extreme danger because he wanted to surrender. The Quixote is not Pacheco, it is true that dreams can be achieved.

Some time ago you were baptized as Don Quixote, after a tireless fighter and now we do not give
I am tired because there are things to be able to fool you wake up and say "let's do this, the other" ... not crazy and out of the storm down the brakes. But what surprised me was to see that I reached the goal and when that day comes many people will be very easy but there are witnesses that they should see me in 'check' my pants and Chamba. It's not free.

In the workshop you come young people in various parts ...
Coming from Puebla, Chiapas girl because she had a family come in Cordoba, Xalapa who do not have easy and found where. There's a guy who when he came very near us put the carpet, we all realize that it came from a place far away (and a difficult name to remember). Finishing up her bus, and his father, if I remember correctly, is a carpenter. We make something interesting.

Are you still surprise you? Of course, and when I'm not surprised I fell very bad and I immediately corrected me. Reaffirming that "this is nothing but an acting workshop, a self-improvement. Let us ride 'the great emperors clothes', by Hans Christian Andersen.'ll Themed in China.

In our last interview you said we do not know if you go into soaps, I called ...
... So you watch and the casting is not, that sucker I do not say (laughs) is a medal.

You have four years without being in a soap opera, how to come back. What better learn ... it's like a bike (laughs). I have to overcome, and you can perform new tricks. I became very good.

Did you leave a project? There are a few things but nothing has been closed, only a possibility, but I wanted to come to follow here. It has become a must have workshop, has become something that I like, I enjoy and that feeds me.

Regarding the soap opera ended December 26, we are stuck in the air because (Salvador Mejia, producer) made the decision after feeling based on how the response to the public. "He added that" I have received love, loved by so many characters because he was always happy, creative and very positive.

Summer workshops will be held from July 11 to August 20 on the afternoon shift 16-19 hours. Inscription in the School of Performing Arts "Miguel Pizarro" (Calle 11 between Avenidas 3 and 5 of Córdoba) on Saturday and Sunday. "This includes three related disciplines (singing acting and dancing) to music. This is because the more enjoyable for students, it carries more information and more enjoyable for all, end Pizarro.

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