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Joe Arroyo La Leyenda Capitulo 18

El Joe Arroyo La Leyenda Capitulo 18 Online. With a walk in Cartagena Jose Alvaro dying El Joe Arroyo (Jair Romero), who wants so desperately to Jackie Raymond (Estefania Borge) to convince him not to marry someone else. In the midst of delirium produced by suffering, he began to remember the happy times she lived with him in the seventies when the Carnival of Barranquilla.

Por las calles de Cartagena camina moribundo Álvaro José El Joe Arroyo (Jair Romero), quien busca de manera desesperada a Jackeline Ramón (Estefanía Borge) para convencerla de que no se case con otro hombre. En medio del deliro producido por la agonía, Joe comienza a recordar los momentos felices que vivió con ella en la década del setenta en tiempos del Carnaval de Barranquilla.

At that time, Joe is gozadera pure. Singing in the band 'La Protesta' and move to marry Adela Martelo (Jeimmy Paola Vargas), teenage boyfriend, but large disturbances that form the carnival celebrations joe Jackeline aristocrat who fought with Ramon, who is the daughter of a music entrepreneur named Anibal Ramon (Flavio Caballero) , owner of Caribbean Label. The arrows between the two is live and live the days of the most intense excitement among the parties. Jack, Joe did not say that his father was a community lender in Barranquilla for fear that the credit only for what you have, but to see the talent Arroyo, these promises will help you realize your dream of being a musician. After that, Joe ends where it comes from hearing about it, because Hannibal was looking for singers to assemble an orchestra and attracted to him.

At first, everything seems perfect, but the road crosses Francisco Vergara Andrés Suárez, Hannibal's right hand and eternal suitor Jack, realizing that the appeal alleged by Joe, he laid the grass to let Ramón daughter may be coupled with the "black and poor." In addition, Arroyo did not sign a contract that makes him enslaved for life and sacándole every penny, without giving something RECORDS Caribbean participation.

Meanwhile, Fruko (Diego Vasquez), music director of orchestras and Tesos Fruko, which will also be attracted to Joe for orchestra, he realized that the contract was dangerous. Seeing the situation, Joe assumes that Jack and his father was involved in plans to take advantage of their naivete. In a simultaneous, continuous theft Hannibal found that Francis had made labels through contracts and disturbed to learn that Joe and Fruko would appear to claim, take the discussion to limit.

At the same time, Jack and his aunt Cecilia Ramón (Carmenza Gomez), see the situation and see them as the cause is Joe and Fruko, leaving Francis as El Salvador and Ramon family protector. Jack and Alvaro José The "Joe Arroyo" for the war despite the infinite charm that has emerged between the two. Later, Adela Arroyo got married and went to work at Fruko Medellin Discos Fuentes. After some time, appears Francisco to work on the label. Joe now has to support not only the leader of their enemy, but as Jackie's girlfriend who also came to lend his services as a photographer.

She turned to look, they realized that the fire of love is still alive despite the injury. Both enter the dilemma of choosing between what to do or let your feelings flow. Jack and Joe will fight against the intrigues of Francis, social prejudice and the twists and turns the fate that made them look for love on other people who do not meet and become each other failed attempts to forget.

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