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The Next Food Network Star and MasterChef

The Next Food Network Star and MasterChef: Welcome to our web log, hopefully you are not disappointed visit, here are just a glimpse of The Next Food Network Star or more in the know with the word review. And wish you well in the circumstances all right.

The Next Food Network Star, Susie and Vic is the intro movie. Susie gets really nervous and start making words, and then walked into the camera. Do we have an episode where Susie has not stumbled yet, experiencing something or fall? Vic did not fare much better. Fiei Guy seems to have a problem with the fact that Vic is very buff that he can not lower his hands to his side, so he ended up like running like Randy from A Christmas Story.

Chris and Whitney interviewing executive chef at Mel's Drive-In. Chris rock back and forth and hugging flails like one of those inflatable they make during the sale of used cars. Whitney really rock, on the other.

Jeff and Penny was interviewing grumpy servers. Jeff is not really good, I think, and crack some funny jokes with Piper, the server. Guy still has some criticism for her, but I think Jeff did an awesome job. Penny and then step up, make sure that the camera is getting the best side, and disrupt the server while the poor woman trying to answer his questions. As we all know, it's all about Penny Davidi. Guy later tried to give him some advice and just the right screen above his head.

Mary Beth and Orchid who interviewed the owner of the drive. Does anyone else see a giant crest of Mary Beth? It was like flopped back and forth and everything. Anyway, the hair side, Mary Beth is too little "food blogger" with interviews, and Guy tells him to loosen. Orchids, but he treats more like a conversation than an interview.

Jyll and Justin (I do not have to include early last longer!) Perform closed. Critics Guy to Justin seems to be a "wave your arms around and yelling at the camera." Hey, I guess if it worked for Guy. Jyll little too stiff for Guy, so that Guy made her play with an imaginary dog. It does not even make sense in context, so I will not even try.

We have a July Fourth Star Challenge this week. Our finalists will cook all-American dishes, recreated, to 150 people. Vic will be assigned a lobster roll. Mary Beth did barbeque chicken and potato salad. Penny got a sausage with peppers and macaroni salad (refrain from making sausage jokes, refrained from making sausage jokes). Jeff got a beer and pretzels (WTF What did he do with it?). Jyll got carne Asada and pica de Gallo. Hot dogs and baked beans to go to Whitney. Hamburgers and watermelon go to Justin. Pork ribs and cole slaw to go to Susi. Orchids have meat and mac and cheese (oh, how she would cook in two hours?). Shrimp and corn-on-the-cob to go to Chris.

Only that much that I can review, hopefully you are not disappointed with this flash, I might not explain in detail, once again I apologize and thank you.

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