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Chaos Season 1 Episode 12

Welcome to the web blog, hopefully you and your family news in a state fine as expected all of us. The contents of this article I will tell you briefly about the Chaos Season 1 Episode 12 soon to be aired, for you fans of Chaos Season 1 Episode 12 may already be in waiting to see her soon, well below I have her review of my take away from some very reliable sources, on his visit I say thank you.

Chaos Season 1 Episode 12, Threats to national security investigation by a group of rogue CIA spy in the division of the State Administration Clandestine Services Supervision (CHAOS), is also trying to keep their jobs from being eliminated due to budget cuts. New agent Rick Martinez (Freddy Rodriguez) join the team as a mole in the house to the Director of the CIA National Clandestine Service HJ Higgins (Kurtwood Smith). However, Martinez quickly discovered by a team (Office of Disruptive Services) BPO, which "transform" itself for their own use.

In January 2010, CBS ordered a pilot production written by Tom Spezialy. Casting announcements starting in mid-February, with actors Freddy Rodriguez became the first player. Next to come on board is James Murray and Tim Blake Nelson. Eric Close joined the cast in early March, followed by Carmen Ejogo. Finally, Stephen Rea completed a major player in mid-March. The pilot was filmed in Los Angeles.

In late July, CBS announced that it has officially ordered 13 episodes of the series to begin mid musim.Kurtwood Smith joins the cast in November 2010, replaces Rea in the role of Director of HJ Higgins.

Since mid-December, Chaos has seen the film crew and actors are photographed in the location specified range around Vancouver - the Vancouver Rowing Club, in Gastown, on the roof of the Bay, at the Terminal City Iron Works, and in homes in Shaughnessy and Point Grey neighborhood - with the location of the stand on the exotic locales around the world.


* Freddy Rodriguez as CIA Field Agent Rick Martinez
* Christina Cole as NCS Deputy Director Adele Ferrer
* Carmen Ejogo as Intelligence Officer Fay Carson
* James Murray as Field Agent Billy Collins
* Tim Blake Nelson as Field Agent Casey Malick
* Eric Close as Field Agent Michael Dorset
* Kurtwood Smith as NCS Director H. J. Higgins

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