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C2-00 & X1-01 Dual SIM Nokia

C2-00 & X1-01 Dual SIM Nokia, Nokia unveils C2-00, X1-01 dual SIM phones, Nokia X1-01, Nokia C2-00: Dual Sim Phones Features and Overview, Nokia Dual SIM Mobiles C2-00 & X1-01. Nokia presents two dual SIM phones. Finnish vendor is confident will be able to compete in two new champ, the C2-00 and X1-01. We were rather late in the dual SIM market, but Nokia is a new standard in the segment of dual SIM.

In the middle of rush also relies on China's mobile phone features dual SIM, Anvid optimistic that Nokia was able to compete. In addition to innovative features, the Nokia Anvid states have good after sales and quality reliable. Anvid expressed Nokia will continue to play consistently in all market segments, from the class of high end and low end. This is what is needed to satisfy consumers.

Nokia X1-01

X1-01 is a dual SIM mobile phone with a music theme. Mobile phones with enough style candybar form is claimed to have one of the clearest speakers among rows of other Nokia phone.
To support the music features, the battery can last up to 36 hours of playing the songs. There is also a microSD slot that supports up to 16GB of storage. FM radio was also included.

Two SIM cards in each phone can be personalized. Users can provide names, logos and MP3 ring tones different in each SIM. Nokia X1-01 equipped with features Nokia Life Tools. With this feature, users can get useful info from the fields of health, agriculture, education and so forth on his cell phone.

Nokia C2-00

Nokia C2-00 has a number of innovations that relied on the Nokia in the realm of dual SIM. Among the features easy swap in which users can directly enter the second SIM card without having to turn off the phone. Simply put the phone body, the second SIM card can be activated immediately. Not required rebooting or resetting the phone many times because it can remember up to five SIM cards.

C2-00 has a GPRS internet connection. Multimedia sector is quite complete with VGA camera and music player with support for microSD storage, which can support up to 32GB capacity. Output music was pretty clear.

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