Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

Ver La Fuerza del destino Capitulo 60

Ver La Fuerza del destino capitulo 60 online In recent weeks has been much talk about the names to star in remake of "Monte Calvario", now being produced by Jose Alberto "Guero" Castro, according to a source close to Zuria Vega, Flor said Rubio.

In particular, among the names to star in this remake found Ariadne Díaz, Eiza González, Ana Vega Brena and Zuria.

According to the owner of the "Amazing Formula" is expected in the coming hours to confirm this information by voice and the producer and the last to know the name of the girl to go with Ron Joseph in a new adventure.

He pointed out that this story comes in place of "The Force of Destiny", which ended July 31 with two hours last Sunday.

As Maxine Woodside, remember that the original title of this novel is "Women who do not know love" later became "Mount Calvary" and "I still love", the latter of which is produced by Carla Estrada's theme song Juan Gabriel, and as players have to Claudia Ramirez , José Luis and Sergio Santander Goyri.

In this version of "El Guero" Castro will have a villain to Susana González and Jorge Salinas in the newspaper that once gave life Goyri.

Finally, he said that so far not known what name will this new project of Verónica Castro's brother, the same date is not known for sure of his protagonists.

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