Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

Ver Cielo Rojo Capitulo 21 Telenovela

Ver Cielo Rojo Capítulo 21 Telenovela Online Cielo Rojo Capítulo 21 Viernes 20 de Junio Warrior princess and also maintain a cheerful attitude is the item Edtih Gonzalez actress used to be the darling of the television company where it is used. The constants are the same, blonde will meet all their needs, so on the road by Televisa and TV Azteca RTI now, where are the stars of Red Sky telenovela.

Their requests have ranged from brand clothing, expensive, chosen by himself and bought in Europe to say something in the scenes or sequences using dual heat and everything is fully met.
However, this does not free and have been working hard on self-esteem, an important weapon he was concerned that the women of Mexico did not utilize much less encouraging their daughters.

"I'm spoiled because I feel like a princess, self-esteem begins at home, the value you give it to you, turnips dependent on others, I was damaged by I think so. In this new stage of his career, when after almost 40 years decides to move house television, Edith Gonzalez continues to enjoy privileges such as being of the few actresses who wear them to choose their clothing to Europe, and impose conditions with respect to scenes of passion.

"Praise God I have a very spoiled, double occupancy in these sequences, but it is a very simple situation. In the United States any actor makes those scenes, and if they do is contract which specifies exactly what is what you see here do not know why I question both when Hollywood is normal, "he said.

She appreciates the satisfaction that has given life, it has a special place in the performance, but also cares for and loves her little that is its greatest treasure, this without neglecting his recent marriage with businessman Lorenzo Lazo and well preserved Margáin physically attractive and healthy situations but divide it into pieces, is no sacrifice.

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