Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Karen Gillan Pics

Karen Gillan Pics, karen gillan Pictures ,karen gillan Images, KAREN Gillan probably wished he could go back in time to avoid looking so bad to wear.

Doctor Who Star jerks appear to be blurry-eyed after a night at the famous Box nightclub in London.

The redhead, who plays Time Lord's assistant Amy Pond, apparently ready for bed when he was expelled from the risqué in Soho last night.

Karen, 23, wearing a gold skirt and black boots for a night out with friends.

They took him out of the club and formed a ring around it to stop being himself snapped looking drunk.

Scottish star recently said she thought Doctor Who mid-series break is a good thing for fans of the show.

Karen said: "This means a longer lasting which is always good and we also ended in a big revelation that I think everyone will need all summer to digest it."

And he explains how he likes to play Amy to run both at the show.

He added: "Yes, do not get old, for sure, and still excites me to talk about even today just like a wonderful thing to be involved in and it's nice to be part of a sci-. Fi history and in showing that people who care so much about because I am not so sure that will happen that often. "

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