Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Don't Ruin Toy Story 4! Stop Making These Movies!

Don't Ruin Toy Story 4! Stop Making These Movies!, Toy Story 4: Don't Ruin Toy Story! Stop Making These Movies, This is a glimpse of the movie Toy Story, because banyakna fans of the movie in waiting. Do not hate on me. I like the movie Toy Story. Falling in love with the character back in the first Toy Story. The second is just fine for me, but I weep buckets of tears every time I watch a child's Toy Story 3. Which will amount to approximately 785 times from yesterday.

But Toy Story 4? No. Not interested. Why not?

1. Toy Story 3 gives us the perfect ending. Andy grown up and find a child a new toy to play with them. This is the perfect ending. so about the explanation.

2. The sequel again, the player the less likely the original is to survive and do the film. I do not want to hear other people doing voices Buzz or Woody.

3. Toy Story 4 can bring us the story line is better suited for straight-to-dvd release or shorts like that before the Car 2. Do not miss this film.

Although, it looks like there will be another sequel anyway: 3 There Will Be Big Clues Toy Story 4. What do you think about the idea of ​​Toy Story 4? Please give your opinion about this movie fit your opinion of each, because each viewer has a view or impression of the movie Toy Story.

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