Rabu, 03 November 2010


Ver soy tu duena capitulo 143 to 144, Yes, it's true. One hour a night with a Spanish soap opera can improve your Spanish!
So you studied Spanish in high school, but you can't speak a word of it. Or maybe you spoke Spanish at home with your family, your vocabulary is limited and you're not sure of your grammar. Now you want to improve your Spanish, but the thought of heading into a Spanish classroom makes you cringe. And besides, who has the time?

Don't worry, the solution is right at your fingertips - literally - as you take hold of your TV remote control, your radio dial, your computer keyboard, and a host of books and magazines that you never even dreamed you could read. With just a little background in the language, a Spanish-English dictionary, and the tips below, you can increase your fluency without ever setting foot in a Spanish class. And all at no cost to you!

Not that there's anything wrong with Spanish classes, of course - on the contrary, if you can find a college evening course or an adult school class that fits your schedule, you will improve your Spanish even faster. But these same tips apply even if you're taking a Spanish class, and they will dramatically increase your learning. Blogger Garsel Weblog

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